Grace & Associates Inc. is a Lindsay based geological and environmental firm which specializes in providing consulting services where the application of earth sciences is used to resolve complex geological and environmental problems. Each project is approached in a systematic and pragmatic manner to address the needs of the project. The study team of Grace & Associates Inc. has worked together on numerous groundwater, environmental and geological engineering projects in the past.

We understand the importance and careful consideration that must be given to the overall project objectives, scheduling and project costs, as well as the roles and responsibilities of all participants and stakeholders. Grace & Associates Inc. will coordinate the technical experts and resources while integrating and performing the project tasks in accordance with the project management plan. Through careful management and implementation of the work plan, it is our responsibility to ensure the project is completed on time, as scheduled, as budgeted and to the quality and satisfaction of the client.

The study team encompasses key personnel from Grace & Associates Inc. and experts in engineering, environmental studies, hydrogeology and planning.