Whether you are looking to purchase a property, adding an addition to your home, developing a residential subdivision, or converting former industrial lands to a new commercial opportunity, Grace & Associates Inc. has the expertise to meet your development needs.

We will liaison on your behalf with government agencies to meet regulatory requirements and address opportunities and constraints on your site. Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals will investigate and assess the site conditions and work with you to design a plan for development.

Grace & Associates Inc., has the technical and project management expertise to conduct a hydrogeological assessment of your proposed or operational site to determine whether an adequate supply of potable groundwater is available, to evaluate the impact of sewage effluent on the groundwater resource, assess the interaction between the groundwater exploitation and the regional hydrologic system, or investigate aquifer contamination issues.

  • Hydrogeological Investigations for Development
    • groundwater resources evaluations
    • nitrate and phosphorous impact assessments for proposed development
    • Reasonable Use Guideline B-7 assessments
    • permitting compliance
    • contaminant identification and delineation
    • monitoring of landfill sites
  • Planning and Regulatory Approvals
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Soil/Geotechnical Investigations
  • Slope Stability Analysis